Björkhaga By "Bullebyn"

Right across the street from Bjorkhaga beach resort you will find “Bjorkhaga village”.

Bjorkhaga village has 35 traditional Swedish style cabins in all shapes and sizes to make sure you find the right one for you. The shared amenities such as the kitchen, common area, toilets, showers, sauna and laundry services are located in the large central building in the middle of the village where you will find everything you need for your stay. Outside the main central building there is a playground and the village also has a private football field.

Bjorkhaga village is located 30 minutes south of Visby, on Gotland’s west coast. It is less than 300 meters to the child friendly beach that has a jetty and a ramp for wheelchairs. Right next to the beach is the restaurant, a little kiosk and the pools. 

Just 2,5 km from the little village is Klintehamn where you can find restaurants, café’s, grocery shops, library, hospital, dentist, gas station and more. 

Sanda Lilla Varbo 975
623 79 Klintehamn

Bjorkhaga village is open for reservations from 1stJune to 31stAugust, also during Almedalweek.



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