Fabian & Isabelle

"Koh Lanta week"

Every winter many Swedish families travel to the paradise island of Koh Lanta in Thailand and now we take Koh Lanta to Gotland and Bjorkhaga!
Fabian and Isabelle are joining us from the popular resort Slow Down on Koh Lanta to throughout the week teach us how to play volleyball, organize tournaments, music quiz, bbq evenings and an amazing atmosphere. The first Koh Lanta week, week 26, was fully booked in a couple of seconds so we decided to turn week 32 into a second Koh Lanta week!
The optimal week for you who loves to mix activities with nice hang with like-minded people. Fabian will offer volleyball trainings and tournaments for everyone, beginners to elite players. Isabelle will be having fun work outs on the beach and in the evening she organize her popular music quiz in the restaurant. There will be exciting golf duels on one of Sweden's most beautiful golf courses, Visby GK. Some people might want to go to the stable for adventures on the back of a horse while others try the horsepower on two wheels at Berra's. And of course you will be able to experience the night life in Visby. The artist David from the restaurant the Frog on Koh Lanta will be guesting us for the week to make sure we get to listen to some lovely music. 
We will mix things up a bit for week 32 with Slow Down's own "King of Balls". The popular competition is visiting Gotland and the question is who is going to take home the prestigious title as champion in tennis / paddle, pingis and volleyball.
In summary, Koh Lanta on Gotland can not be anything but magical.
Everything happens at Bjorkhaga beach resort!



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